Company History of GFMFirst opened in March 2001 as ASCO Freight Management, LLC (AFM) a division of ASCO Group (UK Company)

ASCO Group expanded its shore base operations to strategic O&G locations around the globe. The expansion included AFM Houston which afforded them a US presence and enhanced their newest product line as a global logistics provider.

AFM’s Continued Growth

AFM commenced to organically grow the business starting basically from “scratch” with a 5,000 sq.ft warehouse operation in the Greensport Terminal, Houston TX.

Within the first six months of operation, AFM added two major EPC clients followed shortly thereafter by a major oil/gas company.

Over the next few years, AFM successfully executed the safe delivery of 14 capital projects whose origins were global and each encompassing a full service offering to include material receipt, consolidation, export packing, transport logistics and site materials management.

In 2010, AFM was one of the primary logistics providers for the Macondo Spill recovery efforts which led to a current leadership role in the storage, preventative maintenance, emergency drills, deployment and decommissioning services for emergency spill recovery systems worldwide.

By 2016, AFM grew to a respectable 110 employees operating over 580,000 sq.ft. of premier warehousing operations located directly on the Houston Ship Channel ideally suited for the management of Oil / Gas & Energy project equipment and materials.

The Future of Gulf Freight Management, LLC

In November 2016, the company was purchased by its management team and has re-branded as Gulf Freight Management (GFM). GFM operates out of the same facilities with the same key employees all promoting the same basic principles of providing world class customer service as a key component for future growth.