GFM is pleased to announce its role in providing emergency mobilization services of critical spill recovery resource equipment for the entire Gulf of Mexico.  GFM’s expertise in the handling, ground logistics and controlled storage at its Houston facilities enabled our company to be chosen as a key partner for a major offshore drilling consortium group.  In order to meet the requirements as a contracted team member, GFM is required to store the equipment in a controlled indoor facility, own & operate its own cranes capable of safely lifting 125 tons and provide a dedicated team of experts to successfully move all systems from storage to alongside a dedicated vessel in 48 hours or less.

Sounds like an “easy” task?  When taking into consideration the size of the sub-sea capping stack, the mobilization process is far from easy.  The unit is 16ft. long x 12ft. wide and 27.5ft. high and weighs in at 180,000lbs.  The loaded height on a multi-axle transporter (SPMT) is right at 30ft. which makes door openings and crane clearances a unique challenge.

GFM has the know-how and facilities to meet these challenges which was recently proven in a very successful exercise for a major offshore drilling company.  For a brief overview of the event, please see the attached video.